Previous Client Alert


In the fall of 2005 we developed what we believe to be the first post hire monitoring service in the country. This unique service has been used by HR professionals (VPSalert) and bail bonding agents (NCSkipalert) for years. The alert service was also piloted by the NC Department of Community Corrections in 2007.

After requests from several of our attorney clients we have added a few new features to make this service more beneficial to the legal community. Our beta testers are receiving numerous matches every day. We are very excited to bring this product to our attorney clients in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Maryland.

How It Works

Upload your client list into the Previous Client Alert (PCA) system through our secure web server. (More details on security and privacy below) PCA runs daily criminal records against your client list and alerts you immediately of any match activity. You are then able to log in and see your matches for the day. The system shows you the data from the criminal record so you can see the matching information. From there you can choose to contact your previous client directly by phone, text or email. You also have the option to download your previous client’s information into an excel spreadsheet to use for direct mail.

Security: We understand the importance of keeping your client list secure and protected. We entrust Windstream, one of the top cloud service providers, with keeping your data secure and private. Click here to learn more about how Windstream protects its customers from data breaches.

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